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Some highlights from ASX companies in the past month

Nimy Resources Ltd

Positive news from diamond drill holes

Nimy Resources announced some positive news from its fourth diamond drill hole from its Tier-1 resource based “Mons” at northern end of the rich Forrestania nickel belt in Western Australia.

The early drill-holes at Mons have confirmed the presence of a large mineralised system containing nickel and copper. This suggests the possibility of multiple mineralisation and styles.

From a recent article in Stockhead, Australian resources commentator Barry FitzGerald noted there were not many IPOs in 2022 where interest in a particular project has enabled the junior to maintain the share price in a bearish market and this can be attributed to the interest in Perth mining circles in the project.

The latest drilling within the Mons project area testes a conductive anomaly which returned elevated copper, silver, and zinc sulphide mineralisation values over a thick intersection.

A fifth drilling hole is underway.

Nimy Executive Director, Luke Hampson, said “The successful intersection of the first conductor plate drilled at Dease opens up the potential for additional mineralisation styles at the Mons Project”

It’s a great time to be in sustainable Nickel exploration and development as here in Germany we are hearing from OEMs and customers of the difficulty in securing supply.

Nimy Resources (ASX: NIM; FSE: P4G) is an Australian based exploration company, with a vision to responsibly discover and sustainably extract Nickel and Nickel Sulphides from an economic Tier 1 resource in Western Australia. The resource area is significant, covering 1,761sqkm.

Wide Open Agriculture Ltd

Official opening of plan-based protein pilot plant

Wide Open Agriculture announced the official opening of its plant-based protein pilot production plant in Western Australia, which will produce the company’s eco-friendly Buntine Protein.

Developed using a proprietary process, the Buntine Protein is made from Western Australian regeneratively-farmed sweet lupins (or Lupine as known in North America).

Early this year, Monde Nissin Australia (owner of brands Nudie, Black Swan and Peckish food and beverages) agreed to purchase up to 60% of the Buntine Protein produced at the pilot plant over two years, with a first shipment due later this month.

Buntine Protein can be used as a key ingredient for plant-based food and beverage products for global markets. The unlocks the ability for West Australia’s vast Australian Sweet Lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) crops to be transformed into plant-based proteins for human consumption.

Lupins have been important to agronomy in Western Australia for decades. The goal is to rebuild the role they play in WA’s grain belt - driving better soil health, reducing reliance on expensive synthetic fertilisers, and helping to diversify grain products and markets

West Australia dominates global production of Australian Sweet Lupin, with approximately 60% to 80% of global production being exported from the state. Until now, lupin has mainly been used as animal feed stock and a regenerative crop, as it puts nitrogen back into the soil.

However, Wide Open Agriculture Managing Director, Dr. Ben Cole, said their technology has unlocked lupins potential beyond today’s traditional applications. “Previous barriers for lupin to be used in the food sector relate to its taste, texture and its capacity for gelling and thickening. Our technology overcomes these challenges. Our novel technology unfolds the constituent protein in lupin to increase its ability to blend and mix with other food ingredients. This allows the protein to become suitable for new applications in a wide range of food and beverage sectors.”

Developed in partnership with Curtin University, Buntine Protein has a low carbon footprint and is an integral component of regenerative farming systems.

Wide Open Agriculture have ambitions to become a major part of this market and transform as much of WA’s lupin crops into plant-based protein as possible.

Unlike some of the state’s biggest resource-based exports, lupin is an annual crop and won’t run out.” said founding Chairman, Anthony (Maz) Maslin.

Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: WOA; FSE: 2WO) is Australia’s leading ASX-listed regenerative food and agriculture company. The Company’s innovative brand “Dirty Clean Food” markets and distributes food products in Australia and globally. WOA operates under a 4 Returns framework and seeks to deliver measurable natural, social, financial, and inspirational outcomes and returns.

International Graphite Ltd

Commences drilling to expand and upgrade resource at Springdale in Western Australia

International Graphite has mobilised two drilling rigs and started drilling at its graphite resource base at Springdale in southern Western Australia. The drilling program will explore new graphite targets and seeks to expand and upgrade the existing graphite resource from inferred to indicated status.

This work further builds on previous investigations completed by Comet Resources (ASX: CRL) and is first on groundwork since the tenements were acquired in April 2022.

International Graphite Executive Chairman Phil Hearse said the company was pushing ahead to develop its Springdale resource as quickly as possible.

“Springdale is a vital asset that closes the loop on our plans to establish a new battery graphite supply chain in Western Australia”

Global analysts are forecasting a worldwide graphite shortage by 2025 as electric vehicles and renewable energy drive demand for batteries, so speed to market is becoming critical.

The Springdale graphite project will be a source of high-grade graphite feedstock and provide the key to International Graphite’s ability to produce battery anode graphite to help meet growing demand in Australia and global markets.

International Graphite Ltd (ASX: IG6; FSE: H99) is an emerging processor and supplier of processed graphite products including battery anode material for the global electric vehicle and renewable energy market. The Company is developing a sovereign Australian “mine-to-market” capability with integrated operations wholly located in Western Australia.

ClearVue Technologies Ltd

Momentum in activities creates runaway for growth

Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Limited made several announcements recently that together create momentum for global growth for the Company.

In North America the Company signed a letter of intent (LOI) to install its patented solar energy windows at a new office building in Atlanta. This is the first commercial installation by ClearVue in North America.

Also in North America, the Company announced a joint project with Nodis Pty Ltd. The collaboration agreement is for the purposes of exploring ongoing joint opportunities with the US Air Force including smart window supply contracts.

According to ClearVue Executive Chairman, Victor Rosenberg “The ClearVue technology represents a paradigm shift in the way glass will be used in building construction. Glass will no longer be just a component of construction, but also a renewable energy source and a key element in construction decarbonization efforts - both for refurbishments and for new builds.”

In Europe, ClearVue has appointed the established business executive Alexander Valenzuela as its new General Manager Europe. Alexander has a deep technology understanding, execution experience using several PV technologies and successful track record in an architectural and design award-winning career.

Plans to open an office/showroom in Europe are underway.

ClearVue is also a founding member of the European Smart Glass Industry Association (ESGIA) with activities to include promotion and application of usability of smart glass in building and vehicles.

ClearVue Technologies (ASX: CPV; FSE: CKJ) is an Australian technology company operating in the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BPIV) sector. This involves the integration of solar technology into building surfaces, specifically glass and building facades to provide renewable energy.

Recce Pharmaceuticals

Clinical trials providing strong value inflection points

Recce Pharmaceuticals is conducting a Phase I clinical trial to evaluate the safety and tolerability of its lead compound RECCE 327 in up to 10 healthy subjects across eight sequential dosing cohorts of 50 to 16,000 mg.

The Pew Charitable Trusts have listed RECCE 327 as the only new antibiotic in clinical trial studies being developed to treat Sepsis – the largest unmet need in medical human health.

In June, the Company reported positive safety data in ten male subjects who received 4,000 mg of RECCE 327.

The Company observed good safety and tolerability among the 10 subjects in this sixth cohort, meaning the company expects an independent safety committee to recommend the commencement of recruitment for cohort seven based on these results.

The CEO of Recce Pharmaceuticals, James Graham, said the Company was pleased the data “strongly” supported the potential of RECCE 327 as a new treatment option for Sepsis.

In 2017 the World Health Organisation (WHO) released it first report on the global epidemiology and burden of Sepsis. They estimated the life-threatening reaction to infection causes 1 in 5 deaths worldwide. The data in the report is astonishing and demonstrates the need for clinical research and new antibiotics.

In 2017 Sepsis affected more than 49 million people globally and was linked to more than 11 million deaths worldwide.

Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: RCE; FSE: R9Q) is developing a new class of Synthetic Anti-Infectives designed to address the urgent global health problems of antibiotic-resistant superbugs and emerging viral pathogens. The company’s anti-infective pipeline includes three patented, broad spectrum, synthetic polymer anti-infectives.

Imricor Medical Systems Inc.

Agreements signed with Siemens Healthcare and momentum into German hospital system

In June, Imricor entered into two new agreements with Siemens Healthcare GmbH (Siemens) providing Imricor with the ability to deploy the Company’s new 3D mapping system on the Siemens MRI Platform.

The first agreement with Siemens is an Access-I Licence Agreement which provides Imricor with the ability to interface Imricor’s new 3D mapping system to Siemens MRI scanners via the Access-I software interface available on newer Siemens scanners.

The second agreement is the Local Coil Agreement which allows Imricor catheters to be recognised across newer Siemens MRI Scanners.

Also, in June the Company announced it has completed pre-clinical work to support a submission for approval to initiate a VT clinical trial in Europe. The purpose of preclinical studies is to demonstrate the safe use and expected functionality of all the devices needed to perform a VT ablation procedure.

This follows news from earlier in 2022 when the company announced it had expanded its footprint into Greece after signing a contract with the Henry Dunant Hospital to upgrade an existing MRI facility for interventional cardiac magnetic resonance imaging procedures.

Imricor Medical Systems (ASX: IMR) is a leading developer of innovative MRI-compatible medical devices which can be used to carry out MRI-guided cardiac ablation procedures. The company is headquartered in the USA, with an ASX listing. Imricor seeks to make a meaningful impact on patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities around the world by increasing the success rates and bringing down the costs of cardiac ablation procedures.

Volt Resources Ltd

Capital Raise and Recommencing Ukraine Graphite Operations

In Late June Volt Resources Ltd announced AU $2 million capital raising and reopening of the Ukraine graphite operations.

The funds from the capital raise will be deployed as follows:

Working capital for the recommencement of the production of the Zavalievsky graphite mine and processing plant. Also, towards the export of graphite products to customers in Europe.

Continuing production of lithium-ion battery anode, alkaline and lead acid battery product samples for customer testwork and offtake discussions.

Preparation of feasibility studies for a small scale CSPG (battery anode material) production facility in the USA, and a larger CSPG facility to be used as a template design for facilities in the in the US.

Update of the Tanzanian Bunyu Stage 1 Feasibility Study focused on capital and operating costs and approvals.

The Managing Director of Volt Resources, Trevor Matthews, said “the decision to recommence the graphite mine and processing operations in western Ukraine is a positive step forward for the Zavalievsky management and staff, local communities and businesses that depend on the graphite business for their livelihoods”

Earlier in June, the Company signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with listed battery anode producer Graphex Group Limited subsidiary, Graphex Technologies LLC, for the sale of 5,000 tonnes per annum of Bunyu Graphite fine natural flake product for a 10-year term. Graphex Technologies is a volume producer of spherical graphite for Li-Ion Battery anodes and has recently filed for proposed listing on the NYSE.

Volt Resources Limited (ASX: VRC; FSE: R8L) is a vertically integrated graphite producer and developer listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Volt has a 70% controlling interest in the Zavalievsky Graphite business in Ukraine, significant graphite resource in Tanzania and valuable relationships with downstream battery anode developers and Gigafactories in the USA.


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