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about green leiter


Green leiter is a blog for anyone interested in impact and ESG investments and investing.

The focus will be predominately on investments in Australia (with a global strategy); however, we will also examine and discuss global positive-impact and ESG investments.


This site will focus mostly on equities in the sectors of technology, regenerative agriculture, biotech, EV battery streams, hydrogen and clean energy.

There is global interest in Australia as an investment destination, for impact and ESG investors.


Retail trading on the Frankfurt and German trading exchanges for Australian and Canadian stocks is robust with some companies seeing very high volumes and engagement.


Over the past few years, the sectors generating the most interest and trading are lithium, graphite, nickel, battery recycling technology, hydrogen, clean energy and technology, renewables, biotech, AI, medtech and uranium.

We do not provide investment advice and all information is general in nature and every investor should do their own research and seek professional guidance on investment strategies. For any questions about this blog or enquiries about European consulting services please contact us at

disclaimer - we may own stock, have options for stock, or have a consultancy arrangement, with some of the companies mentioned in this blog. 

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